Microblading is a semi-permanent tatto technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows.

Quick Introduction and Process:

Use tiny, one-time use, sterile needles to implant the colour pigment under the surface of the skin. There are several different techniques and kinds of methods. Machine or handwork microblading pens. Shading, feathering, powder, ombre, etc., are different kinds of brows. Microblading uses pigments rather than ink(traditional tattoos). The pigments will not stay forever which is a good thing due to the change over the years as natural colouration and facial changes occur. Pigments will not as tight and densely packed into the skin as a traditional tattoos. A touch up is usually required. Oily skin(facial peels, chlorine, anti-ageing products, etc.) clients may need touch up sooner.

  1. Machine: for all types of skin, pigment last longer. (Oily or combination skin type can only use this method)

  2. Handwork: can used only on dry skin types, pigment last shorter than machine, but more natural look. (Oily or combination skin type cannot use this method, pigment might not shown)

Classic lines/strokes Brow

Powder Brow


Combination Ombre





Touch up 1-3 Months-------------------------------------FREE

Touch up 3-5 Months-------------------------------------$100

Touch up 5-7 Months-------------------------------------$200

Touch up 7+ Months---------------$300 in 1 year FULL after





Touch up 1-3 Months-------------------------------------FREE

Touch up 3-5 Months-------------------------------------$150

Touch up 5-7 Months-------------------------------------$250

Touch up 7+ Months---------------$350 in 1 year FULL after

Change of Eyebrow done before: Extra $50

We don’t do REMOVAL.

Deposit may apply.

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